Volunteer Help Wanted

I am going to go ahead with a complete easy to read FCC Database
for the entire United States. But, in order to do so, I will need
some help! For the State of Alaska alone, it has taken a full week
to pull, sort, format and research the mode of each call sign.
Alaska may be the largest State in the USA, but radio frequency-wise
it isn't all that much. But, doing it alone, I probably wouldn't
have all the data for about 2-3 years (and that includes updating
what has already been posted).

I am looking for a few people who know how to work in Microsoft Excel
and Word. The majority of the work involves looking up each call sign
to ascertain the mode of the frequencies.

The good thing is that once this database has been completed, it would
take between 0 (if there are no updates for a state) to 1 hour to update
each page every week. If there are a handful of people who can do these
updates to the main database, it could be kept current all the time.

As mentioned in the begining, it is all volunteer work as I am retired
and I don't charge anything for this data. Even for the website, I pay
for that out of my own pocket.

I know everyone will be saying "Doesn't Radio Reference have all this
data?" The answer to that is no they don't. Yes, they download the entire
FCC Database for the previous week each week, but unless someone knows
about the new frequencies and listens to them, RR doesn't post them in
their on-line database. FCC Updates will.

Drop me an e-mail at mm505@yahoo.com if you are interested in helping out!