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A little background on me.  My name is Michael Martin. My career began with AT&T
(1972-2003) where I started as an Overseas Telephone Operator and High Seas

(WOM/WOO) Radio Operator.  From there, I worked my way up to being a District Office
Clerk to a Building Mechanic (everything from HVAC to Cubicles), and to a
Communications Technician in Data/Voice Private line Installation/Maintenance as
well a Quality Analysis & Assurances Technician.  I made the jump from "working man"
to the world of management where I managed a group of Service Order Administrators
(the folks who wrote Private Line orders).  My final position was that of a
Process Engineer (AKA Dilbert) where I wrote the Methods & Procedures on the
installation of Private Line Fiber Optic circuits.

Some of my highlights of my AT&T career were:

3rd male Overseas Male Operator hire in the US.  (1972)
Worked R/V Gulf Stream when it went missing in the Bermuda Triangle.  Info HERE. (1975)
100% ON TIME completion of NorWest Finance data network. (1987)
100% ON TIME installation of State of Minnesota Lottery System. (1998)
Wrote AT&T Methods & Procedures on Private Line Fiber Optic Circuits.  (2002)

During this time, my second career (Yup!  Worked two jobs at the same time) in 1980 as an
Emergency Medical Techinician (Ga Certified #11568) and then a Cardiac Technician
(Ga Licensed #901).  In 2012, due to a slightly out of contour back, I move into
dispatch (IAED Certified) as a EMS 911 Dispatcher (Cobb and Fulton Counties).
In 2018, 38 years later, I called it a day and forever retired!

Some of my highlights of my EMS career were:

Delivered 3 babies.
My first call as a licensed Medic was a full arrest and successful revival.
Worked a fall from a building where the victim broke both legs, arms, multiple
ribs, cervical spine and pelvis.  He fell 150' to a sidewalk and survived.
Been shot at, stabbed, hit (multiple times), spit on, barfed on, pissed on,
boogers flicked on my and soaked in blood from an open arterial laceration!

You can click HERE to see info on my EMS career!

I have always been intrigued with all kinds of communications since I was a child.
My first "scanner" was an all band tunable receiver.  At the time, it was the best you
could get!  Eventually I moved up to a 10 channel crystal controlled scanner and
along the way, I've ended up with quite a collection of the latest and greatest equipment.

You can click HERE to see my radio/computer layout.

I eventually got into doing radio programming and at one time I programmed the two-way
radios in the WSB (both TV & Radio) and Metro Traffic Networks helicopters.

Enough about me!

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